My Italian Journal

Running through a crowded Heathrow Airport was exhausting, it is no easy task by any stretch of the imagination and worse after arriving overnight flight from Chicago; my body was on rundown mode and my mind was frazzled….But I had to catch my flight to Milan

Dripping with sweat, I finally boarded a packed jet full of people starring at me in dark blue business suits, all on their way to do business in Milan.

My face was soaked in sweat and my shirt was stuck to my body and felt like it had shrunk two sizes.

Only one vacant seat was left and the poor impeccably dressed young man was dreading me sitting next to him.

He uncomfortably folded his morning newspaper and allowed me to get seated.

I’d made it!  What an ordeal, my final leg on my way to Milan, I was ready to crash and snooze as much as I could in my 90 minute flight.

2011-03-15 08.03.24.jpg

What felt like only thirty seconds, I was woken by the flight attendant to bring my seat forward and prepare for landing in Milan…wow!...that was fast, I had slept the whole flight…I must have been very tired for me to have done that..

As the plane touched down, I heard the cabin crew welcome everyone to Linate International Airport…WHAT?

Where the hell was Linate…I was supposed to be on the flight to Milan International….what have I done, did I take the wrong flight?

Holy shit….what has happened?…I was supposed to be in Milan International…..where the hell is Linate?

I disembarked in a state of total confusion and horrible jet lag, a serious mess, my head was spinning….where is Linate?

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I walked down the jet way totally confused and struggling to comprehend what has happened.

I opened my ticket voucher and re-read everything carefully….yep!!!...Milan Linate Airport….

Yet, all my preparation and plans were to arrive in Milan International Airport…..all my instructions of how to get to my hotel were from a different airport….DAMN!

I jockeyed for position at the baggage carousel and grabbed my backpack…at least it knew where it was supposed to be heading. Fresh clothing and deodorant!

I walked outside to a torrential downpour…shit it was raining so hard…pouring down.

Within seconds I was soaked and looking for signs of some type of transportation into Milan City center.

A few yards to my right was a row a blue and white buses….surely one of them would take me to Milan?

Off I trudged, shoes and feet soaked with the downpour……brilliant!!, a bus with Duomo flashing its L E D Light panel

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