Paul Stonehouse Photographer

It all started when…

In 1983 I broke my left leg playing soccer and with not much to do for six weeks hobbling around on a cast, I purchased a second hand Canon AE1 camera and from there is where it all started. Six weeks was a fun time to explore San Francisco, and I was spending every spare penny photography and developing my photos, many I still cherish to this day.

A passion was formed and has never left me…I think, breathe and sleep photography…”how can I get a better shot of this or that”….”wouldn’t he or she be great to capture”…”how is the light hitting the subject”…these are constant words buzzing in my head daily.

Fast forward from the early days of my broken leg and a camera, I've now been capturing people, places and objects for well over 20 years as a paid photographer…and my love has not dwindled one bit.

Passion is where it’s at for me….in fact my arm tattoo states…

“The Greeks didn’t write obituaries, they only asked one question after a man died….did he live with Passion?”

That sums me up and my photography.

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