Another evening experimenting with Light painting

Off out in the chilly night air....tripod in hand and my trusted Canon camera set to take more light painting photos. 
Set up is easy...tripod, camera locked down and set in manual mode. Setting are simply, Shutter speed is set to 30 seconds, this allows for a long exposure to capture all the light, a clean ISO 100, this eliminates any grain, and I shoot at around F14-F18 depending on how much ambient light is around.....pitch black would be ideal, but there is always some stray light around in suburbia. 
I take a standard metal kitchen whisk, the type you beat your eggs with. Stuff the whisk with Steel wool from the local hardware store.. attach a dog leash to the whisk, this will allow you to spin it around.
I used an trigger to remotely fire my camera, but you could easily set the camera to timer mode...which usually gives you 10 sends to get in the frame.
I then lit the steel wool alight and start spinning for the around 30 seconds...viola.

I also tried a few captures using a flash light to write in the dark.