Wandering around Aurora I find an urban artist

Today I was wandering around downtown Aurora, on it's best day it looks worn and haggard. Store fronts are closed and empty, and the place looks run down. I always say, whenever you see are Pawn Store you are usually in the 'other' side of town.
I was looking for photo inspiration ad was struggling. I stopped by a store which had two graffitiesque painting in it window...I was instantly dialed into the vibrant punch of colors along this drab lifeless street. The door opened and a young man said..."hey, there's more work inside if you want to see" I walked inside what appeared to be a T-Shirt shop...clothing style store, yet along one wall was the work of a local artist 'Anton Witek' I was instantly drawn to his work....it eclectic feel and again, vibrant use of colors. Apparently the local store owner had decided to give this artist a place to hang his works. I don't know if all the work I photographed was Anton's but this guy deserves some recognition.

Below is a section of my favorite works...'Anton, if you ever read this....great work!!!

You just never know what you find when wandering around