Mural close ups

I have been taking photos of wall mural art for many years, from a quick splash of color on a small ally in Kalamazoo, Michigan to professional street artwork in San Francisco, to amazing full length wall murals in my home town of Naperville. I love the colors, textures and the talent of so many truly brilliant, creative artists. Rather than capture the whole mural, I like to focus in on a specific place within the mural. From this there becomes a whole different level of art...more intricate. The photos below are captured from all around me while traveling the world. I have worked on some with color enhancements and a few have been tweaked digitally with a cool program called Topaz Impressionist. I have framed many and they make great pieces of art. I only take credit for  the photography and the digital color correction, the true credit must go to the many artists who have made their massive contributions for their work to be seen by millions...they are the true artists and this is my way of paying homage to them.