A trip to the yarn shop in Farmington, Michigan

I was visiting the Novi / Farmington region of Michigan this past weekend for a soccer tournament but I always have my trusty Canon GX7 camera handy. I had about 2 hours of free time to wander and find some photographic inspiration. As it was a Sunday and Mothers Day, most everything was closed and people were spending time with family.
On my brief travels I came across this cool Yarn store, called Artisan Knitworks...I have never been in one, or paid the slightest bit of attention to one before.....but this one peeked my interest, so many colors and textures inside the store window. The store was open and I asked the store owner if he would allow me to take some photos of his huge array of yarns.
Permission granted, I was quickly overwhelmed with all the stunning colors...wow!
I had no idea I was hittiing a home run, so much to shoot. I chatted with my new found friend Larry Hart who co-owened the store. He was so accommodating and friendly. I found out he was an avid photographer too and on my way out he kindly handed me some really cool printed note cards showcasing his photography...how cool is that?  If you are ever in Farmington check out his store.....it was a really cool place.