A trip to Coit Tower, S.F.

Took a trip into the city today, one of the stops was Coit Tower, not so much for the view from the top, but for a look at the murals on the lower level. Stunning Art Deco Art Work.

When these paintings were first unveiled to the public in 1934, there was talk that they might be too controversial, due to their themes of banned literature, crime problems and liberal, political viewpoints. They were allowed to be displayed, though, and now are a wonderful window into the past for future generations to admire.

While all the artwork is impressive, there are several that caused the most stir back in the day and still have very powerful undertones. The best way to experience all the tower has to offer is by walking in a clockwise direction through the circular gallery to take a peek at each painting.

coit tower-murals.jpg
Murals-Coit Tower
sf murals-coit.jpg
murals_sf_coit tower.jpg