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Why settle for anything less than ‘Unique’ in a portrait of your beloved pet?

At Under Belly Pets we take the most unique type of pet portraits in the market today.

We offer an experience you’ve never had before for your pet.

Professional service is guaranteed, from planning and set up, to the actual photography, you and your pet will have a Red Carpet Experience like no other.

Dogs, Cats, even Pot Belly pigs.

Contact us today for your Unique Pet portrait at Under Belly Pets

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I have to say we are not the very first company to come up with this idea of photographing pets in this unique way, there are two sets of people who need to receive the credit. From what I can find, the original was Jason Kenzie & Tania Ryan from Vancouver way back in 2014.

Yet the most renowned has to be Andruis Burba, from Lithuania, along with his team are the latest innovators and creators, their imagination is truly amazing.

No doubt a huge thank you has to go out to these pioneers who originated this concept.

Unlike the closed world of magic, there are very few secrets left in photography. YouTube and the power of the internet, you can find out how to do most anything if you have patience some basic skills and of course deep pockets.
Most things can be reverse engineered, then you can understand how to take these types of unique photographs.

Now our task is to bring this very unique and powerful imagery to the Bay Area.

We can shoot one pet or multiple, drop us a quick email and we will be back to you very soon.

Please contact us for further details.

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