Working on Motion blur

I spent the best part of Tuesday night working on motion blur at th local Naperville train station. For this experiment I went hand held and used Manual settings on my pocket rocket camera, my Canon G7X, I shot at 1000 ISO to handle the low light of sunset and shot at an aperture of F11 with a shutter speed all the way down to 1/15th of took a while to hold the camera tightly against my body and work on eliminating any camera shake...,,,no doubt a work in progress and worthy of more attempts to nail it


Dog day afternoon

When it's to hot and humid outside, my dog Calvin always looks bored and miserable, he'll sit on the floor pouting at me and looking like I have no interest in him...poor guy!

I try to fill up that time he's peaceful and capture of a few of his portraits, which can never be easy as he rarely sits still for moe that 3 seconds....but on this day he at least gave me something to work with...thank you Calvin!


Headshot Sunday

As the title states, 'Headshot Sunday'...a hour of playing around with a mini portrait session of Sally....'I hate this portrait stuff!" is her usual response when asked to play guinea pig...but I make her suffer through..haha!